Welcome to Concrete Cruizers Car Club

The Club


The Concrete Cruizers Car Club started off with 5 members one day back in the fall of 1987, and officially became a club January, 1988.  Now, years later we have grown to over 200 members. We are a very diverse club with many different makes and models of vehicles.
We plan numerous outings thru out the year. Our biggest one is our annual car show which is held the 3rd Saturday of May. This is a charity car show and over the years we have helped a lot of different charities. The main ones are for children. 

For information about joining the club, simply catch up with us at any car show or "cruiz nite." Also on our contact page .    
Our club meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month unless otherwise notified.  The meetings are held at AMVETS 2818 5th Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa.  Meetings will begin at 3PM.

CLUB MEMBERS... 32th YEARS OF  CRUIZIN" !!!!!!!   32th Anniversary January 1st, 2020


           CAR SHOW postpone to Sept., 12th, 2020